Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker App Reviews

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Easy to used!

Many tx for this app


This app is easy to use. Ive downloaded a few weeks ago, recommended by a friend, and I dont regret it. I dont have to worry about my receipts anymore. Thank you shoeboxed!

Thought for profits, not usage

I was expecting something which will store my exams expenses neatly and without fuss. Ive got something that does not work properly and clearly uses Amazon Mechanical Turk to analyse my bills. I am not even sure if my bills are not trapped in the app. Dont use it.

Very good

This an amazing service especially when used together with Evernote. I am living in Brazil and its worked very well to me sending my business card and recipts to USA to be scanned, organized and stored in my Evernote account. Unfortunately, I dont know why, their Bussiness Card application is not availble in Brazilian App Store, I hope this app become available.


Great program! It solved all my work about expense reports, reporting and keeping track of receipts! Ive used it in US and have now started using it from Germany. Still love it. Thank you guys for making my admin work a whole lot easier!

Great app

I use it for my business receipts, CRA approved. Works well and will recommend it to others.

Very Helpful

I am very unorganized and usually lose receipts. Love this app for allowing me to keep receipts filed away neatly. The Evernote sync feature is a nice added touch.

Great App

Great way to organize but it takes a while to load...

Good App

Great if you tend to lose receipts. Wasnt quite what I was looking for.


It works well. It would be a little nicer if there was an option to crop the receipt image, as there is in Receiptmate.

No complaints

So far so good. It is easy, intuitive, and keeps my receipts organized.

Great App

Very convenient for keeping track of business trip mileage with break stops. I havent used the receipt tracker yet, but so far I am quite pleased.

Great App

The Shoeboxed app has grown into an amazing piece of software.

It has potential

I can see this working for people who don’t like carrying receipts or needs organization for their bookkeeping. It would be nice if it can sort between business and personal receipts.


It is nice and good to have reimbursement option as well.

OK but limited receipts

Works as advertised by Id like to use it as a free user for more receipts. Thanks.

Great for receipts

App is a good app if you want to go paperless especially with receipts.

I this is very convenient & reassuring

Ive so many receipts for important things and quit often not having one available especially for something like this IPAD it could mean the difference of a $1000.00 loss or a refund/exchange. However it always seems when you need a receipt or something similar you can find everything but the one your looking for, not to mention the pain it is looking for one or the other thing that comes up unexpectedly I.E. being somewhere doing something and then finding out you need a specific receipt. Well with this you can always have them with you and search quick. You also do not need worry about loosing them as you can scan them in as soon as you get it

still learning

Have only used a few times and i think it will help track my receipts but still in learning mode. do not have a business so personal use only.

Great app!

Exactly what I needed to track business expenses

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