Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker App Reviews

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Love it

Great way to organize definitely helps with expense reports

Awesome app!

This truly helps me with my bookkeeping! I just take pics of my expense receipts, log a couple of notes. Access them online and I am good to go with the tax man. Thank you!

What does it exactly help with?

Besides de cluttering, by allowing me to feel like i can throw away receipts (sort of), what does this app really do? Specifically in reference to paying for (membership) the analysis of you receipts when it isnt much different from inputting it yourself. Also, I just feel unsure as to how inputting all this information is going to help me. Im guessing it has a feature that shows your spending, and thats cool. Helpful. It doesnt have a space to enter if you get cash back at grocery store. And when you put in your total, and the tax, do I put in the total after the tax, or before it? And what about if you had coupons or savings? I would like a way to show that. I also dont like that you cant crop the picture of the receipts that you take. And that all of the picture stay on your camera roll. I wish there was a different way around that too. I think I will enjoy seeing the finished product after all my receipts are enters, but I still dont see the point of letting a "team" "analyze" it.

Best find in a long time

The quick response time , variety of storage options and the teams willingness to accommodate youre requests is unbelievable

Missing basic features a receipt tracker should have

I didnt make it past one receipt with this app. Apparently the developers do not have to track expenses and record receipts because they missed a few basic features that the most simple app that provides this solution should have. And they are simple, no brainers. First, you cant turn your receipts into professional looking PDFs and adjust or crop the frame to fit the receipt. Im simply blown away that this isnt a feature. Your receipt remains in jpg form and it just looks bad and ensures there will be absolutely no uniformity of the appearance of the electronic files of your receipts. Second, you cant have a multiple page receipt. You know, like when you expense a meal and you have your itemized receipt and your transactional receipt with tip and signature. Again, unbelievable that this isnt a feature. So one (receipt) and done for me. Avoid this app.

Organized and friendly

Shoeboxed has a very nice interface. It is simple and user-friendly, but it is also customizable. Organizing expenses is made easy with this app.


I wanted to like this app but it was not as good as the reviews made it out to be. The receipts take a long time to process and get approved and then I found out you have to pay a monthly fee to process more than a few receipts per month. Will be looking for another app

So far so good!!

I just started using Shoeboxed (about 3 weeks ago) and as of yet I really cant complain. Ive always snapped pictures of expense receipts with my phone, but then at the end of a job (Im a freelance photographer) I basically still ended up with more or less a digital shoebox of receipts that I still had to sift through and allocate them to the right job, personal or business etc. I still was waist if a bunch of time and to me time is money!! Shoeboxed is saving me a bunch of time so I can go out and make that DOLLA!!

Shoebox Review

Great way to keep up with receipts and purchases. Great app !

Clean and Helpful

I just recently downloaded this app and already have found it extremely useful. I no longer have to keep my receipts piled up in a bin. I definitely recommend this app!!

Needs internationalization and speed boost

I like the idea of the app. I just need to be able to choose the currency and then export the receipts with Name, Date, Price (in currency X / Y), Type of Expense, the picture of the receipt and then Excel is able to do the rest. The processing takes too long


Wasnt quite what I thought it was but seems handy

Nice App

The app works well. After submitting a receipt, it is entered into the system with the vendor, amount, last four of thecredit card, and purchase date. Anything else must be entered manually. It would be really nice if the purchased items were also entered and searchable, but thats probably asking too much.

Just what I needed

This app has it all. I am a realtor and it make keeping track of my reciepts and mileage so easy on the go. I recommend it to everyone.

New to expense reports

My company just transitioned to digital expense reports for travel and mileage. We used to fill out a spreadsheet. Hopefully this app will help the transition.

Shoeboxed- a great app

Shoeboxed is a great app for anyone who needs to track expenses for their business!

Helpful for travel

I have had the app for two days, so far it has been helpful to keep this traveling consultant organized.

The best Ive ever known

Id highly recommended

Useful Tool

This is a useful tool for tracking expenses.

Great product

Good process of scanning receipts and documenting for expense reporting.

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